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Spring_Persuasive_Memo - SPRING 2010 PERSUASIVE MEMORANDUM...

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S PRING 2010 P ERSUASIVE M EMORANDUM Due: In lab week of April 5 Objective: To develop persuasive writing skills Purpose: To persuade; to inform; to practice memorandum format Format: Memorandum Audience: Superior Points: 100 SafeAssign: Yes; failure to submit to SafeAssign by the start of class will result in a grade of zero Revisable: Yes; an optional revision is due in last lab of the semester REMINDER: The Associate Dean of the Office for Academic Integrity has asked that papers that fail to include all necessary internal citations receive a grade of zero. The ability to persuade is an important skill you will need in the business world. Persuasion is particularly important for any business or organization that sells goods or services. The effectiveness of a persuasive argument depends largely on the reasonableness of the request and the credibility of your research. Corporate Social Responsibility While various businesses may define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in different ways, a generally agreed upon definition is that CSR is the act of conducting business in a way that is considerate of the welfare of society. On a micro-level, CSR allows a business to contribute to the wellness of the community in which it resides. This could include donation of services or goods, partnership with a charitable organization, adjustment of policies out of concern for the local environment, and implementation of procedures that create an ethically aware work force. Being active in the local community has the potential to greatly benefit the reputation of a company if the practice is implemented properly.
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