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Spring 2010 – SOM 301 Project Paper Rough Draft: Two copies of rough draft (at least first two paragraphs) due in lab week of April 12 (class participation credit) Final Draft: Due in lab week of April 26 Objective: To integrate research, course concepts, and writing techniques covered throughout the semester Format: Memo Purpose: To persuade and inform Audience: Jane Doe, President of ABC Enterprises and Potential Investor Points: 100 Revisable: No Length: 1.5-2 single-spaced pages, excluding the required reference list SafeAssign: Yes; failure to submit to SafeAssign by the start of lab on final draft due date will result in a grade of zero Special Note: If you would like your graded paper returned, please give your lab instructor a self-addressed stamped envelope when you turn in your paper. The “global village” is increasingly becoming a reality as markets frequently extend across borders. For successful international business relations, professionals need to recognize and understand intercultural differences. This assignment asks you to expand the research and analysis you have completed for the LECTURE TEAM PROJECT, which required that your team select both a US and global market in need of a product or service. Assignment Scenario Assume you are the leader of your LECTURE TEAM. Your presentation to potential investors (THE LECTURE PRESENTATION) went well and now one possible investor, ABC Enterprises, is seriously considering investing in your product or service. Jane Doe, president of ABC Enterprises, has requested that you provide her with additional analysis on
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Spring_Project_Paper - Spring 2010 SOM 301 Project Paper...

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