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Project Paper Workshop Checklist 1. Did you include your name, lab number, and date in the upper left or right corner of the 1 st page? 2. Is the memo heading aligned? 3. Did you give yourself a professional title? 4. Did you provide the recipient’s professional title? 5. Did you capitalize the first letter of words in the subject line as you would a title? 6. Does the subject line convey the main idea of the document? 7. Is your introduction concise? (See sample on the Pp slides.) 8. Did you briefly get the reader’s attention in the intro? 9. Did you briefly mention the Web 2.0 plan in the intro? 10. Did you include internal headings in the body of the memo?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Did you remember to include your first internal heading after the memo introduction? 12. Did you capitalize the first letter of words in the internal headings as you would a title? 13. Did you remember to provide developed internal headings to guide the reader? One-word headings will not be sufficient. 14. Did you remember to use the “sandwich” approach for your research? 15. Did you remember to use appropriate point-of-view? Third person should be used for intro and body; first person appropriate for conclusion....
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