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Sheet1 Page 1 Viet Vo Art 004 Before 1850s The Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks in 1845-46 * The painting is based off a scriptural passage * The background is the Pennsylvania landscape * The theme of peace is emphasized by the peace treaty being signed Historical Event: 1846-1848 Mexican American War 1850-1900 Giverny by Theodore Robinson in 1889 * Giverny is a small village near Paris * Painting is one of Robinson: s major subjects, landscape * His work epitomized the French style Historical Event: Eiffel Tower completed in Paris 1900-1950 Blue Devils on Fifth Avenue by George Luks in 1918 * Used his artwork to support the war * Painting was actually sketched on site, and painted later
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Unformatted text preview: Historical Event: 1914 World War 1 Mathematics: 4 leading + approx. 14 in a row x approx. 10 rows = 144 soldiers 1950-2000 Only Only Bird by Alexander Calder in 1951 * The piece is made out of tin cans * Even while working on larger pieces, these smaller birds legitimized him as an artist * Interested in birds since youth Historical Event: 1953 DNA is discovered Visual Arts: The artist is able to achieve the illusion of motion despite the stiff materials by using smaller pieces. These pieces a Post 2000 October Low Tide by John Walker in 2000 * Inspired by landscape of Maine coast * Finds beauty in a muddy cove and tidal pool * Divided by geometric shapes Historical Event: 2001 US World Trade Center Pentagon attacked Science: Tidal pools can be found in rocky areas by the edge of an ocean. They are formed by natural forces that shape the l a...
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