November 8 Lecture NOtes

November 8 Lecture NOtes - November 8, 2006 Class Notes...

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November 8, 2006 Class Notes (Material that will be on the final exam) Make a chart of auxins (what they do, mode of action, interaction and Auxins- IAA first discovered naturally found in plants Darwin did this… Germination and seedling growth the (coleoptile is what bends towards the light) the cells on the shaded side elongate more than the cells with the exposure to light. The coleoptiles tip is what is sensitive to light. Another guy did an amazing experiment (if I take the coleoptiles and put it on a agar block, that is loaded down the concentrated thing, and then put the block on the left and all the cells grew on the left side of the plant He called this work auxin (grow or increase) the effect of that concentration was nothing but causing cells to elongate. Natural vs. Synthetic Auxins That is the only natural auxin… indoleacetic acid found in plants Synthetic Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) is a synthetic auxin which also works. 2-4D (herbicide) does not hurt sun flower plants but it kills dandelions and weeds and things like that. This is the chemical sprayed so that the plants that we don’t want die. This was a industry that came from the initial discovery… and also rooting compounds became a big deal too. Auxins get cells to increase… but how?!?! It’s the Acid Growth effect- Tissues dipped in mild acid suddenly grew and blew. Why.
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November 8 Lecture NOtes - November 8, 2006 Class Notes...

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