Nats2 - NATS 104 Nutrition Food and You Exam 1 Fall 2010...

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NATS 104 Nutrition, Food and You Exam 1 Fall 2010 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The Nutrition Facts panel on a fettuccini Alfredo food label states that for a 2500 kcal diet the maximum total fat intake is 80 grams. The lasagna package says it contains 3 servings and you ate half the box (1.5 servings) and there is 14 grams of fat per serving. What is the %DV for fat that you just consumed, assuming you follow a 2500 kcal diet A) 10% B) 15% C) 30% D) 26% 2) Foods containing carbohydrate have the highest satiety value. A) True B) False 3) Which of the following nutrients contains the most energy? A) carbohydrates B) vitamins C) minerals D) water 4) Which of the following is NOT a primary function of dietary protein? A) serving as a primary source of energy for the body B) building new cells and tissues C) repairing damaged structures D) regulating metabolism and fluid balance 5) The standard used to estimate the daily nutrient needs of 97% of all healthy individuals is: A) AI. B) EAR. C) RDA . D) UL. 6) The dietary standard that has been established for nutrients for which more research is needed to determine human requirements is the: A) DRI. B) AI . C) RDA. D) UL. 7) When a food label states that eating their product on a regular basis can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease due to the soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acid content, this is considered a: A) nutrient claim B) qualified health claim C) regular or unqualified health claim D) the nutrition facts panel (did not count this question) 8) Over the past thirty years, obesity rates in the United States have changed significantly. A) True B) False 9) The four characteristics of a healthful diet are variety, balance, moderation, and _________. A)
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Nats2 - NATS 104 Nutrition Food and You Exam 1 Fall 2010...

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