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Task 0 - such as the importance of the project the major...

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ME 451 System Design Fall 2010 Project Task 0 Due Wed. 9/8 at the beginning of class The purpose of this assignment is to assemble your design team and pick a design project. Submit a document with the following information: a) Project title b) List of team members (names and email addresses) c) Signatures from each team member d) Identify a team captain e) Provide a one-paragraph summary of the design project f) If your team is proposing a design project, provide additional details about the project
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Unformatted text preview: such as the importance of the project, the major design components that justify the project as involving “mechanical engineering”, estimated budget, potential sponsors, and basic timeline. This section is important for Dr. Leang to evaluate whether your proposed project is acceptable for the class. NOTE: before you can begin your project, approval must be given by Dr. Leang, no later than Sept. 15....
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