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Task 1_Need

Task 1_Need - the wilderness near moving water Since the...

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Task 1 – Need One of the most prominent topics in today’s news is “green energy”. This call for harvesting natural energy opens up a wide venue of options. That is why we propose the following: a modular river turbine power generator. This river turbine would be designed to be portable so a camper, hiker, or the likewise could use river flow to charge cell phones, GPS locators, emergency devices, etc. The need is obvious; this small device would be perfect for emergency situations for people in
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Unformatted text preview: the wilderness, near moving water. Since the river turbine is portable and cost effective it would be just as easy to string multiple devices across a river to use as a permanent source of supplemental power. This river turbine will be designed with the primary goal being to serve an everyday purpose using sustainable energy....
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