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Sarah Thomas Task 3 October 13, 2010 There are many options for the housing of this design. It depends on 3 main things: type of turbine, type of anchor, and type of generator attachment. There is also the option of funneling, which created a venture effect prior to processing the water through the turbine. This design should have a large tolerance range so it can be used in various locations across the world. Europe, for example, has the possibility to expand small scale hydro power from 1% to 5% of the total available energy (Grubb and Vigotti). This design would face little opposition in Europe due to its low environmental impacts. The design would also be favorable in isolated, island, or mountain regions, where grid extension is an unlikely option. This potential
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Unformatted text preview: exploitation of hydropower could produce several hundred TWh/yr for Europe (Grubb and Vigotti). There are also resources depicting the possible expansion for hydropower throughout India and the Unites States (Kruger)(Patil). Grubb, Michael, and Roberto Vigotti. Renewable Energy Strategies for Europe . Vol. 2. Electricity Systems and Primary Electricity Sources. London: Earthscan Publications, 1997. Print Kruger, Paul. Alternative Energy Resources: The Quest for Sustainable Energy . Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley, 2006. Print. "A Small Hydro Power Potential at Downstream of Low Head Weir (Kolhapur Type)." Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies . Ed. S. H. Pawar and L. A. Ekal. By R. A. Patil. New Delhi: Narosa Pub. House, 2003. 226-33. Print....
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