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Task 6 - Task 6 Modular River Turbine _ Sarah Thomas Team...

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Task 6 Modular River Turbine ______________________________ Sarah Thomas – Team Leader sarah.thomas.nv@gmail.com ______________________________ Matt Walsh ______________________________ Doug Lay ______________________________ Chris Newman The Modular River Turbine is constructed out of simple materials. An overview of these materials can be seen in Figure 1 of Appendix A. The design team used two paint cans with a 6.5” diameter to form the housing. Each can had five inches removed from the middle portion. The new top and bottom were reassembled and attached together using JB Weld as seen in Figure 2 of Appendix A. Both can’s re- sealable openings were facing outward, allowing the bottoms of the cans to be bolted together.
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A 5/16” – 18 x 12”, zinc plated threaded rod is used as an all-thread. The design team is using bearing plates to aid in the axial rotation of the all-thread. These are located where the all-thread terminates at the bottom of the housing on the inside as well as at the middle barrier of the turbine housing. The bearing plate is made from a circular piece of 6” diameter, 3/8” acrylic plastic trimmed down to 4”. This bearing plate had a milled and flat-bottomed 22mm hole into it to press fit a 608 size skate bearing into. The plate is bolted to the lid of the paint can, this allowed for easy removal to inspect the turbine as seen in Figure 3 of Appendix A. The Pelton wheel was created by cutting a 2” diameter circular piece of 15/16” thick PVC board; this was then trimmed into a 12-sided dodecagon. Then a 5/16” hole was drilled through the middle for the all- thread shaft to pass through. Then 4 - 40 threads were tapped in the middle of each of the 12 sides. 12 spoon heads were attached in an angular fashion using 4 - 40 x 1/2” screws. The resulting Pelton wheel is 5” in diameter as seen in Figure 4 of Appendix A. The design team made an induction generator to fit in the upper portion of the housing. Four acrylic
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Task 6 - Task 6 Modular River Turbine _ Sarah Thomas Team...

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