Experiment - Experiment to [Collect and] Analyze Emissions...

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Experiment to [Collect and] Analyze Emissions Data from Real Driving Conditions October 28, 2010 Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to illustrate the production of emissions during the combustion process. We will analyze data previously collected from a 1998 Ford Windstar vehicle during steady driving conditions. Using this data, we will: A) estimate the mass amount of emissions (gm/mi) produced from the vehicle. B) Estimate the power output using Fuel/Air analysis from unburned and burned mixture charts. C) Estimate the road load power Method: Two different pieces of equipment were used to collect data from the vehicle’s computer and from the vehicle’s tailpipe. The equipment includes: 1. OBD Scan Tool All vehicles newer than 1996 are equipped with an on-board diagnostic (OBD) system that monitors the vehicles’ emissions controls. The OBD will register a trouble code (shown by the “check engine” light) if an error is found within any of the emissions monitors, such as the oxygen sensors. In fact, this is how smog checks are typically performed (You can usually find the OBD port in your own vehicle under or new the steering column). The vehicle’s computer and OBD system can be accessed using an OBD scan tool. In this case, and AutoEnginuity OBD scan tool was plugged into the vehicle’s computer and used
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Experiment - Experiment to [Collect and] Analyze Emissions...

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