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Homework #3—Due Thursday, September 23 #1: Show that for an Otto Cycle, T3/T2= T4/T1; and that for a Diesel cycle T3/T2γ= T4/T1 Textbook Problems NOTE: Use gamma = 1.3, Cv= 946 J/kg*K and Cp= 1233 J/kg*K #2- 5.5 #3- 5.7 #4- 5.10 Note, for the supercharged engine, use isentropic equations for the blowdown process. #5- Please find information on your car or motorcycle and calculate, using ideal assumptions and analysis, a) the temperature and pressure at each state of the cycle b) the ideal indicated work for the entire engine, compare to manufacturer specified rated power
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Unformatted text preview: at rated speed. c) The ideal, indicated mep. If you have an SI engine, please use constant volume ideal. If you have a CI engine, use constant pressure or limited pressure ideal analysis. Make sure to specify the type of car you drive and define the needed parameters. Note all assumptions made, and how you think they affected your analysis. The rated power should be within 50-85% of the ideal power. If you’re answers significantly off, please reiterate the process, improving your initial guess values and assumptions....
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