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CHM 2120 – Assignment 5 – Reactions of aromatic compounds ANSWERS In this assignment: - Electrophilic aromatic substitution - Manipulation of products of aromatic substitution - Acidity/basicity is affected by aromaticity and substituents on aromatic rings - Synthesis of benzene derivatives 1. Show how you would synthesize each of the following monosubsituted benzenes: a. Nitrobenzene HNO 3 H 2 SO 4 NO 2 b. Chlorobenzene Cl 2 FeCl 3 Cl c. Methylbenzene (toluene) MeCl AlCl 3 CH 3 d. Isopropylbenzene (2 ways) n -PrCl OR i -PrCl AlCl 3 e. Acetylbenzene (acetophenone) AlCl 3 O Cl O
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