1-FALL2007MIDTERM2 - NAME: ____________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: ____________________________ STUDENT NUMBER:________________ Duration: 100minutes Closed book exam PART 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: 50% of your test grade ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS USING SCANTRON SHEET All questions are of the same point value. Attempt all questions. Best 7 count toward the grade 1. A person pulls on a rope attached to a wall with a force of 200 N. What is the frictional force between the person and the ground in N? Person and the wall are stationary. a. 50 b. 100 c. 150 d. 200 e. 225 2. The surface of the inclined plane is frictionless. If 2 / 3 . s m a = , what is F in N? a. 26 b. 31 c. 36 d. 40 e. none of the above 3. A block slides down a 16 incline with a constant speed. What is the coefficient of friction between the block and the incline? a. 0.69 b. 0.55 c. 0.49 d. 0. 29 e. 0.11 4. A 1 kg body, initially at rest, is acted on by the horizontal force shown in the graph. What is its speed in m/s when t = 11 s? a. 18 b. 27 c. 36 d. 45 e. none of the above 5. When released, a bead slides without friction down a wire and makes a looptheloop as shown in the diagram. What is its speed in m/s at the half way to the top of the circular loop as it loops in the diagram....
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1-FALL2007MIDTERM2 - NAME: ____________________________...

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