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Exam 2 study hints Chem 120A April 8, 2006 Exam is cumulative and focuses on material covered since exam 1, up to the approximation methods. You should know: How to tell if a state is an eigenfunction of a given operator How to calculate the expectation value for a given operator and state General properties of the harmonic oscillator and hydrogen atom wavefunctions (parity, shapes of wavefunctions, allowed quantum numbers, energies, etc.) Properties of quantum angular momentum (both normal angular momentum and spin angular mo-
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Unformatted text preview: mentum): eigenstates and eigenvalues, commutation relations • Separability: what it means and how to apply it • All concepts covered on exam 1 and the homework sets are relevant. Please note that we are interested in examining your conceptual understanding, and we realize that you only have 50 minutes to Fnish the exam. As such, the exam will focus on conceptual questions rather than lengthy calculations. Happy studying! 1...
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