November 20 Lecture Notes

November 20 Lecture Notes - Class lecture notes November...

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Class lecture notes November 20, 2006 Trying to find the probability of certain gentotypes. F1- Aa Bb Cc x Aa Bb Cc What is the probability to find AA Bb cc ? Do them individually, AA = ¼ Bb- ½ because you can get B from the father and b from the mother or visa versa. Cc = ¼ Now what you do is multiply them together because they are all independent of each other. 1/32 is the probability of getting AA Bb cc. The Chi-Square test- examining the data and figuring out whether the data supports the hypothesis or whether it Scientist Sir Ronald Fisher- inventor of many of the modern Mendel might have done a few things to the data to make the data seem perfect and fit with the theoretical expectations. There is evidence that his work was very important, and he published in 1866. But he did understand that his work has serious implications Darwin (the origin of species in 1859). He felt that his information might have been very helpful for Darwin. Then Mendel just gave up on his research and then he stayed in the monastery and then died in 1885. Three scientist that were working individually, rediscovered Mendel’s work. 1. Tschermak 2. Correns 3. DeVries Each of them were plant breeders. They also came upon the same kinds of results that Mendel has got, then they expressed their principles as Mendel’s. Biology has changed a lot since Mendel’s times and the idea of quantitative methods etc., wasn’t considered as bad. Mitosis and Meiosis had been described. Now scientists would be able to apply that with
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November 20 Lecture Notes - Class lecture notes November...

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