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LBL4: Early Development: Body Axes and Bicoid (~20 min) Maternal effect genes are the first step in organizing the embryo in all animals. For example, in Drosophila, one group sets up the anterior-posterior axis while another group sets up the dorsal-ventral axis. Many of the genes involved in these major steps of early development are found in ALL animals, including humans. Read pgs. 371-373, fig. 18.17 1. Look at 18.17 and label the following on an unfertilized egg and the adult fruit fly ( Drosophila ). 2. An important maternal effect gene in Drosophila codes for an early-development protein called Bicoid. Read Figure 18.19 to learn how bicoid works. Then, in the diagram to the right, mark where you would find the following: A) nurse cell B) unfertilized egg C) early embryo D) source of bicoid mRNA E) area of high bicoid mRNA F) area of high Bicoid protein
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Where is the bicoid gene transcribed to form bicoid mRNA ? Write your answer below and explain why. a. in the unfertilized egg b. in the fertilized embryo c. in the ovary cells of the mother d. in the unfertilized embryo 4. The Bicoid protein binds to the promoter region of DNA and regulates express of other genes. What kind of gene regulation protein does that make Bicoid? 5. Bicoid also meets the definition of a morphogen. Look up the definition in your books glossary and write it here in your own words. The bicoid gene is transcribed in the unfertilized egg. mRNA is originated in the nurse celss, then transferred to the anterior end of the egg. A bicoid is a maternal effect gene. Morphogen is a Substance that shows where the concentration gradient is located on the axes. D V A P P A D V H T Ab A B C D E F...
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