A. History of Modern Psychology

A. History of Modern Psychology - History of Modern...

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History of Modern Psychology 1. Inaccurate view of Psychology by the public. A. Misinformation - Many still think that psychology is related to cult, religion, mind-reading, etc. B. Past Affiliation Greek Philosophers (always thinking about thinking) - Aristotle theorized about learning and memory, personality and perception, etc. Religion and Psychology - The Church was the authoritative on Psychology, if theories didn’t agree with religious beliefs, it was discarded. Philosophy and Psychology - In 1600-1700s psychology broke away from Religion and moved to Philosophy. - However, psychology was still logic-orientated, was comprised of winning arguments but conducted no experiments. Structuralism - In 1879, William Wundt , a scientist in Germany Lezpig set up the 1 st lab to study PSY, establishing experimental PSY. - Collected empirical/physical data to support a notion and were free from moral values, objective - Interested in the contents of the mind, the elements of consciousness - Used introspection , asked human subjects in experiments a written problem and collect the answers, reaction time, etc. -
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A. History of Modern Psychology - History of Modern...

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