Neurons and split brain etc

Neurons and split brain etc - -Recovered from head...

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Biopsychology What is biopsychology? - The connection between brain and behavior Assumptions - All complex behaviors are mediated by the physical structure of the brain - Planned, cognition and emotions - Changes in the physical structure of the brain affect complex behaviors - Positive or negative Neuron Diagram Previous Neuron Neurotransmitters (NT) Synaptic cleft (SC) Dendrite receptors Dendrite Axon Next Neuron Shows the direction of nerve impulse(NI) All-or-nothing response - Needs enough of the stimulus to activate NI Process 1. NTs bind on the receptive sites of dendrites to activate it, different NTs with the same shape as the receptor sites can induce NI 2. Positive charges move towards axon. (Image here) How else may neurons communicate? - Axon twitching Connecting the Brain of Behavior - Post modern Exam - Brain Ablation Paradigms - Animal Modules - Neurochemical Manipulations - Electrophysiological Studies EEG
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- Imaging Studies fMRI - Neuropsychological Assessments Phineas Gage
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Unformatted text preview: -Recovered from head injury-Personality changed Aphasias Broca, 1865-Demonstrated left hemispheric dominance for language Wernicke, 1874-Demonstrated that a specific brain structure was responsible for understanding speec (See notes for image) Patients with epilepsy Split-brain surgery-Corpus callosum was removed Right hemisphere-Motor functions Left hemisphere-Make sense out of things Localization-Sex has effect, men are more localized Plasticity of the brain-The brain can re-organize quickly, especially when young through neurogenesis Faces of fruit experiment-Left visual field Right hemisphere sees face, the big picture-Right visual field Left hemisphere sees fruit, the details Temporal Lobe Epilepsy-H.M. had bilateral removal of hippocampi-Can’t form new factual memories-He lives at the present, but his motor task gets better after practice-Now, only remove one side of the hippocampi...
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Neurons and split brain etc - -Recovered from head...

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