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rhetorical analysis 2

rhetorical analysis 2 - A two time Palitzer Prize Winner...

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A two time Palitzer Prize Winner Nicholas D Kristof sharply discussed the profits of accustomed family farms over latter days industrial agriculture. In the beginning of the passage he slammed down the increased usage of modern cultivation technique which does not interest human living. He uses one sentence paragraph for transition from modern industrial agriculture to traditional family farms. Here, with a metaphor, he emphasizes that modern industrial agriculture is harmful. In the passage he tried to explain the loss of vital constituents from our food and spread of microbes which hinders the standards of healthy living. Kristof moves on to explain about diversified life in the family farms. He also shows how Eco-friendly solutions were used in family farms unlike industrial agriculture where only thing that matters is high yield, leading to more profit. Kristof justified that working of "family farms" isn't effortless. It does demand more effort and finance but pays off with good health.
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