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This article, "Kanye, that Dame has class" by Rex Murphy was published in 24th september'09 issue of Globe and Mail. In this article, Rex Murphy is trying to bring out the difference in character: between Kanye's ego and Vera Lynn's humility. In the first line itself, Rex Murphy shows his hatred towards Kanye West by telling us that he will make "every effort to expunge" whatever he knows about Kanye West's music. Here, he uses alliteration to stress on his hatred. Rex Murphy begins with relating the event. Then, he has one line transition where he mentions that Kanye is "a rapper". He does this to say that modern rappers lack respect and dignity. Author proceeds to deride Kanye's character by giving his opinions. He uses contrasting words, "huge ego and a tiny mind" to emphasize on Kanye's stupidity and arrogance. After that, he talks about what happens in the aftermath of the event, and Kanye's apology. Rex murphy mentions the brand of the champagne, "Courvoisier" to tell the reader that Kanye tries to be classy but doesn't really have
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