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Geog310-2010-WickedProblems-1 - Geography 310 Environment...

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1 1 Geography 310 – Environment and Resources Ecological Complexity and the Limits of Science 2 0. Lecture objectives s To introduce fundamental scientific concepts used in the analysis of environmental dynamics and resource availability s To highlight some limitations in the use of science as a basis for resource analysis and management 3 1. Definitions s System – A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network (COED) s Closed system – System boundaries are impermeable to the movement of matter, energy and information s Open system – Matter, energy and/or information can cross the system's boundaries 4
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2 5 1. Definitions (cont.) s Stock – The amount of some quantity (energy, matter) within a system s Flow – The rate at which energy or matter crosses the system's boundaries 6 2. Models s Definition – Simplified versions of a real system; used to help understand, analyse and often predict a system's functioning and behaviour s Conceptual models
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Geog310-2010-WickedProblems-1 - Geography 310 Environment...

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