101syll%2010-3 - Psychology 101 Spring Term, January 2010...

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Psychology 101 Spring Term, January 2010 Dr. Catharine Rankin Kenny Rm. 3525, phone 604-822-5449 Text : Psychology Custom Edition of The Science of Behavior, 3 rd Canadian Edition by Carlson, Buskist, Enzle, and Heth Teaching Assistant : Dominique Levesque- office Kenny Bldg Rm 3512, email dleve039@interchange.ubc.ca Office hours: Wednesdays from 2-3 Office Hours :   Most problems should be referred first to the teaching assistant for this course. I will be available after class most days. Otherwise please phone my office to set up an appointment. Course Objectives : This is a one-term course on Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology. This course is designed to introduce you to Psychology as a science. This term will include materials that illustrate how research is done in psychology, and how the data are viewed and analyzed. It will then deal directly with the biological basis of behaviour (after all we are living creatures). It will next investigate how information is acquired from the external world, which will involve the processes of sensation and perception. We will finally turn to the issues of learning, memory and consciousness. It should be clear that this is intended to be a broad ranging survey of the field of psychology, in order to introduce you to many of its aspects.      You will be responsible for reading the materials in the text in the order shown on the schedule. The text contains much material that will not be covered directly in the lectures. You are, however, still responsible for that material. On the other hand, there is much material that will be covered in the lectures that will not appear in the readings. Every text is, by necessity, always several years out of date in its coverage, and somewhat limited in its scope, hence the lectures will cover material which the text does not, or can not, include. In any event, you will generally find that if you have done the reading BEFORE the lectures, the material given in class will be clearer and more easily retained. Evaluation : In the fall term there will be 3 quizzes: they will be on February 4 , on March 23 and a final quiz scheduled during the Spring exam period. Each quiz including the final is worth 33.3% of your final grade. Quizzes will be non-cumulative, and will consist of multiple-choice questions. Each exam will cover only the material that you have not yet been tested on. Material covered in the exams is about equally divided between the readings and the lecture material.   When you arrive for exams you must have with you a pencil (not a pen). It should have dark lead, such as No. 2 or HB. This is because the exams will be machine scored whenever possible. In addition you will need your student number, which can be found on your library card. You should always bring
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101syll%2010-3 - Psychology 101 Spring Term, January 2010...

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