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It’s All About the “A” For me, it’s all about the “A”. It’s a necessity, obligation, demand, and it’s what I always strive for. Getting the “A” and striving for it, however, comes with a price. On average for many people it’s fairly easy to get an “A” in any class, but not in my case. The classes I take and survive in have rigor. They are advanced classes that challenge and push me pass my limits of knowledge. Anyone can get that autonomous “A” without studying, but it’s a different story in the classes I take. I need to study for my classes. If I don’t, than that’s too bad for me. Like I said, getting “A’s” are easy; I can take the easy class without the rigor, but there’s no fun in that. I get fun from the complex classes I take, and that’s one reason I take them. It’s simply fun to challenge and push myself to see how intellectual and knowledgeable I am. I even enjoy learning new things that come to my interest. Though, I don’t always see an “A” on every single paper I get back. When
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