chart - Odyssey project Gifted/Honors Directions: For each...

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Odyssey project – Gifted/Honors Directions: For each of the challenges Odysseus faces, there is an underlying challenge we still face today. Use this chart to compare your challenges and modern day challenges to those Odysseus faces. Step One: Fill in the chart. Personal example: Pick a true experience from your life that applies and describe in detail the situation and how it applies to the challenge. Modern example: Find a true example from today’s world that shows someone facing a similar challenge as Odysseus. Include details that show exactly what the situation is as well as how it applies to Odysseus’ challenge. For evidence you must provide a printed article from which you found your information, and you must highlight the portion relevant to the chart. Literature example: Find an example from any work you have read for this class, which can include short stories, the novel, or summer reading. You must have a concrete detail, but it does not have to be a direct quote. Step Two: Publishing Create a Visual Representation of Your Odyssey Using column one and two, create a representation of your odyssey. Select colorful images to represent the obstacles you have faced. Explain the personal experience containing the obstacle and a lesson learned from this experience. What life lesson did you experience for each obstacle? What characteristic or trait became clear or changed in you as a result? What abilities do you now have that were nonexistent or dormant before this experience? Here are a few options for creating this representation: A map of your odyssey A travel brochure A scrapbook A 3-D representation (ex. roller coaster, winding road) If you want to use technology, here are some possible options for publishing:
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chart - Odyssey project Gifted/Honors Directions: For each...

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