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Where Im from - I am from the chimes of the bells in the...

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Where I’m From I am from stuffed animals, from Barbies. I am from the brightly lit house inviting you into its warmth. I am from the gardenia bushes, the cherry blossoms that provide us shade from the summer’s heat. I am from family vacations to celebrate our birthdays and brown eyes, from Sanjay and Ruchika. I am from the musical minded and creative abilities. From dream big and don’t give up.
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Unformatted text preview: I am from the chimes of the bells in the temple that teaches me my values. I’m from snow covered roads of Minnesota, pancakes and homemade chocolate chip cookies. From the plane my grandfather flew alongside the Prime Minister, and the many movies my uncle wrote. I am from the dusty box in the closet that holds the precious snapshots of my past....
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