LA summer stuffffff - The Blind Side By: M ichael Lewis 1....

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Unformatted text preview: The Blind Side By: M ichael Lewis 1. My favorite character is Leigh Anne because she gave Michael a better life by caring for him, and eventually adopting him. She let Michael, a poor black kid from the ghettos, live in her house. She bought him clothes, fed him, and paid for much of his tuition. The Touhys lived in a society where there was a fine line between rich whites and poor black, however Leigh Anne didnt care what people though. She was doing it because she wanted to help Michael 2. My least favorite character was Joyce Thompson, the NCAA investigator. I didnt like her because she was trying to prove that Michaels family had influenced him into choosing to go to Ole Miss even though they hadnt. She was t rying to destroy everything thing that Michael had worked so hard for. 3. In this book, Sean Junior reminds me of my brother. When coaches came to interview and talk to Michael, SJ would always ask them what was in it for him if Michael ended up going to their college. Every time he would get a better offer than the last one. My brother has a similar personality. He always wants to know what in the deal for him and tries to get the best offer possible. 4. I can relate to Leigh Anne the most in this book. She wanted to help Michael and make his life better by caring for him When I see someone in need, I immediately want to help them....
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LA summer stuffffff - The Blind Side By: M ichael Lewis 1....

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