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The World is Flat questions 2 - The World is Flat Chapter...

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The World is Flat Chapter 1: While I Was Sleeping 1) In the present business world, people can communicate from anywhere in the world without hindrances from geographical distances. Designers and managers from us can virtually communicate with the producers half a world away at any time due to the technological advances today. It’s the same as being the same room. If everyone can communicate with everyone else, a world of opportunities is opened for developing countries that are eager for a chance to work for the developed western world which would not have been possible before due to distance. This is the world of outsourcing. This world exploded due to the almost free and abundant number of fiber optic cables that connected the world in the dot com boom. This way, America or other countries of entrepreneurship can get intellectual and manufacturing services from either employees in Indiana or India. The efficiency of the work is overall better in foreign countries because they are desperate to prove themselves to promote their countries and bring prominent businesses’ outsourcing or offshoring to their homeland. Nandan and Freidman are implying that old hierarchies of superior countries are being done away with. America needs to realize that all the countries are more or less equal right now and it is crucial that we put out the best work force that we can because our past successes don’t matter anymore. The present is a free for all. 2) Globalization 1.0- This is the era of colonization and imperialism among strong European nation. This era discovered North America and increased communication between European countries and other countries that they traded with or colonized. Therefore, the world shrank from a humongous size to a manageable size. During this time, it was all about how much power and strength your country could exercise upon other countries to change their culture and religion to be more like yours. Globalization 2.0- The main years of this time was from the 1800s-2000. The industrial revolution was a key factor during this time and helped drive the shrinking force to make the world small. This era gave rise many multi-million dollar companies that are still in operation today. In the first half, countries became more united among themselves with inventions of the telephone and the railroad. In the second half, countries could communicate more freely with other countries due to the World Wide Web and PCs. Globalization 3.0- Now, the world is a minute place. Individuals can now pursue their dreams no matter where they live in the world due to advanced telecommunications. They can collaborate with anyone in the world, so political disturbances cannot hinder their opportunities in the world. There is more competition in the world because we as Americans are not just fighting with Europe to be the most prosperous country but instead with every other country in the world especially with the recently rising Asian markets. In this era, hard work can take basically anyone anywhere.
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The World is Flat questions 2 - The World is Flat Chapter...

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