anonymous - her job Cleverly she manipulates him into...

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Nemasani is a mother grieving over the death of her only child. She is still attatching herself to her presumably dead son and refuses to move on in her life. She is approached by her manager for an offer of marriage, but she declines because she is still mourning. This shows her unfeigned love for her son; even death cannot separate her from him. Because of the constant pleading of her manager, Nemasani agrees to the marriage after she is done weaving a shroud for Anon. Unknown to the manager, he unravels the day’s work each night. This shows how she is still living in the past and how he dislikes her manager. However, she also realizes that if she refuses the marriage proposal, she will be fired from
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Unformatted text preview: her job. Cleverly, she manipulates him into believing her lies. Ecstasy fills her soul as she is reunited with Anon at the end of the play. This scene is the only time we have seen Nemasani truly happy. One is never truly content unless they are surrounded by loved ones. Without them, life seems somehow incomplete. This feeling of lonliness was shared by both Anon and Nemasani. Their love for each other clearly shines when they take drastic measures to keep the other in their hearts. This play is a quintessence of how poor life can have a greater value than a luxurious life. In conclusion, a person lacking what they truly crave will always be anonymous....
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