December 4th Lecture Notes

December 4th Lecture Notes - Bio Lecture Notes December 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio Lecture Notes December 4 th , 2006 General Review The Genetic Code- Things that we should know about the table: we have many more codons than we need a doublet codon would not give us enough, but a triplet gives us too many the genetic codons are redundant, because there are many different codons that specify the same thing. (synonymous codons) o Ex. There are six different codons that make for Ser. The clue that they all might have originated as a doublet code and then added a third to code for the extra amino acids. o An alteration in the last letter, after the first two (AG C) , normally doesnt make that big of a difference, but sometimes there are drastic results. The thing behind the code is that there is only one table for the code. This is the code for everything. Everything has the same genetic code because of the fact that changing the genetic code would be ridiculously hard. DNA Replication Then the information from DNA converted to RNA through Transcription And then the sequence of RNA is converted to Amino Acid Information (Polypeptide information) through Translation . The Central Dogma The main feature is the idea that the flow of information if unidirectional. (DNA RNA polypeptide is unidirectional). The exception are viruses. There are some that have DNA as their genetic material and other with RNA at their material. The thing about some of the RNA material, they have other with RNA at their material....
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December 4th Lecture Notes - Bio Lecture Notes December 4...

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