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Explaining Human Nature

Explaining Human Nature - Explaining Human Nature struggle...

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Explaining Human Nature “struggle for existence” Hostile forces of nature 4 F’s: feeding, fighting, fleeing and reproducing this is the filter of natural selection, those who fail to meet these will be lost from the gene pool Finding Food Most animals spend the majority of their time finding food and water. Factors to finding food include: location, recognition, capture, handling, consuming. These problems need to be solved with less energy than what is obtained. Animals evolve psychological mechanisms to eat the right foods/avoid poisons. Ex. consuming salty food when salt levels are low, avoiding bitter/sour foods, fear of unknown foods, eat new items in small portions individual, avoiding foods that caused past sickness. Children tend to avoid vegetables because they contain the toxin allylisothiocynate, which only affects children. Food Preferences Cross-culturally things like urine/feces, poor hygiene and gaping wounds are considered ‘disgusting’. This psychological reaction causes people to avoid these things and increase survival. Preference of spices evolved to kill food-borne bacteria. The hotter the climate, the more the cultural uses spices. Spices are more common in meat dishes than vegetable dishes. Preference for alcohol comes from it being the byproduct of ripe fruits. Embryo Protection Hypothesis “Morning sickness” is an adaptation against teratogens, this is most common in the first 3 months of pregnancy, when it is most vulnerable Coffee, meat, alcohol and vegetables become distasteful Fried or barbecued foods, which are high in carcinogens, are likely to make pregnant women vomit to protect the embryo Modern Hunter-Gatherers Live in small societies, no crops/domesticated livestock, no permanent settlements. Men hunt, share meet among group members. Females gather wild plants
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