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Survival Problems

Survival Problems - Survival Problems Adaptationist Program...

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Survival Problems Adaptationist Program Evidence of ‘special design’ -design features all contribute in a precise manner to solve a particular problem Adaptations possess most or all of the following: Efficiency: solves problem efficiently Economy: solves problem at low relative cost Precision: highly specialized Reliability: results are consistence Minds evolved to solve problems associated with a hunter-gatherer lifestyle Evolutionary Psychology Principles An evolved psychological mechanism exists in the form that it does because it solves a specific problem of survival or reproduction recurrently over evolutionary history. Ex: Desire for sweet and salty things An evolved psychological mechanism is designed to take in only a narrow slice of information. Ex: Domain-specificity, distinguishing between speech and non-speech The input of an evolved psychological mechanism tells an organism the particular adaptive problems it is facing. Ex: fear of snakes.
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