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DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE College of Health and Human Sciences Georgia State University Phone: 404-413-1020 Web: www.cjgsu.net CRJU 3070 – Race and the Criminal Justice System Instructor: Sandra Y. Blount Credit Hours: 3 Office Phone # 404/413-1020 Semester/Year: Spring 2011 Home Phone # 404/762-9596 Class Day/Time: T/R – 1:00-2:15 pm Office Hours: By Appointment Class Location: Classroom South - 104 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description This course examines the role of crime and the three major components of the criminal Justice System police, courts and corrections in the lives of various minorities within American society. Emphasis will be placed on both offense and victimization patterns in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, and South Africa. Course Objectives 1. Students will understand the history of race, social class, and ethnicity in the criminal justice system. 2. Students will be able to identify patterns in the roles of people from different ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds involved in the criminal justice system as victims, offenders, and justice workers. 3. Students will recognize the interconnecting axes of structural inequality: race, ethnicity, and class, and their impact on justice. 4. Students will be able to evaluate relevant theories, research methods, and policy prescriptions with a view to identifying more effective ways to theorize, research, and practically increase social justice. Required Book Gabbidon, S.L., & Taylor Green, H. (2005). Race and crime . Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication, Inc. The instructor will provide articles and other material relating to issues and topics covered in the course objectives. Further details will be provided in class. 1
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Requirements and Grading There will be three (3) areas that comprise the grading for this course: exams, paper/presentation, and participation/attendance. Two (2) Exams 35% each 70% One Research Paper and Presentation 20% 10% A = 90-100%; B+ = 85-89%; B= 80-84; C+ = 77-79%; C=70-76; D = 60-69%; F= below 60% Student grades for any exams, assignments, or the course WILL NOT BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE OR SENT VIA E-MAIL. Exams and assignments will be returned to students for their review in class, but students missing class on such days must meet with the instructor in person in order to know exam grades or assignment grades. At the end of the semester grades will be available via PAWS on May 6, 2011 after 9:00 a.m. Exams (70%) There will be 2 exams given during the course. Each exam will include multiple choices, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank. None of the exams are cumulative. Each exam will be worth 35% of your final grade. Make-up Exams
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Spring_2011_Race_and_CRJU_Syllabus - 1 DEPARTMENT OF...

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