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Sample Final Exam 2

Sample Final Exam 2 - EXAM NUMBER FI 3300 CORPORATION...

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EXAM NUMBER: ____________ FI 3300 - CORPORATION FINANCE FINAL EXAM Fall 2003 NAME ________________________________________________________ STUDENT NUMBER ____________________________________________ CLASS DAYS/TIME ___________________ INSTRUCTOR__________________________ READ THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY RESULT IN YOUR EXAM BEING MIS-GRADED WHICH WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT YOUR GRADE. IF THERE IS ANYTHING ABOUT THE DIRECTIONS THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY. 1. Fill in your name, student number, and the days and time of the class for which you are registered (for example, T/Th at 5:00 p.m.) on the Answer Sheet as well as on the lines above. 2. In the box on the Answer Sheet titled "EXAM NUMBER" record the number that appears in the upper right hand corner of this sheet on the line "EXAM NUMBER" – since there are multiple versions of the exam, failure to do so may result in your exam being graded with the wrong answer key!!! DO NOT COPY FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S EXAM - YOUR NEIGHBOR MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE EXAM!!! 3. Read each question very carefully. Consider all of the answer items and then select the best correct answer - there is only one best answer per question. Circle the letter answer on the exam and record your answers on the Answer Sheet. NOTE WELL: ONLY THE ANSWER KEY WILL BE GRADED!!! 4. You may use a financial calculator. No notes, formula sheets, scratch paper (use back pages of exam if necessary), or stored formulae allowed. The exam consists of 25 questions each worth 4.0 points. Choose the BEST ANSWER for each question. Your score will be computed as: [100 - (number missed x 4.0)]. You will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Do not leave any answers blank - an unanswered question will be graded as a wrong answer. Good Luck!
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DIRECTIONS : Circle the letter corresponding to the best answer for each multiple choice question and then transfer that letter answer to the attached ANSWER SHEET . Be sure to carefully record your answers to the ANSWER SHEET . Only the ANSWER SHEET will be graded. Financial Analysis Questions 1. The goal of a financial manager of a publicly traded corporation should be to: a. Maximize Profits. b. Maximize Cash Flow from Operating Activities. c. Maximize the wealth of the shareholders. d. Minimize the risk of investing in the firm. e. Maximize the salary of the firm’s managers. USE THE FOLLOWING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS 2 and 3 Balance Sheet Columbia Industries Inc. Years ending December 31 (in millions) Assets 2001 2002 Cash $ 24,000 $ 40,000 Accounts receivable 30,000 9,000 Inventory 62,000 73,000 Total Current Assets $116,000 $122,000 Net plant and equipment $285,000 $295,000 Total assets $401,000 $417,000 Liabilities and stockholders’ equity Notes payable 6,000 21,000 Accounts payable to suppliers 49,000 37,000 Accruals 16,000 2,000 Total current liabilities $ 71,000 $ 60,000 Long-term debt 150,000 156,000 Common stock ($2.00 par value) 25,000 30,000 Capital surplus 90,000 91,000 Retained earnings 65,000 80,000 Total Liabilities and Equity $401,000 $417,000 Income Statement Columbia Industries Inc.
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