Lecture 1- The Police and Society Handout (FULL)

Lecture 1- The Police and Society Handout (FULL) - CRJU...

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CRJU 3110 Lecture 1: The Police and Society A. What is law enforcement/policing? What is a law enforcement or policing agency? How would you define it? It’s not simple and straight forward to define. Many different agencies perform various types of law enforcement functions. o For example: city and county police departments sheriff’s departments state police private security probation officers parole officers prison guards FBI ATF and other federal agencies All of these and more perform functions related to law enforcement. In this class, will focus on what the textbook calls “General Service Law Enforcement Agencies.” General Service Law Enforcement Agencies perform 4 main functions that help define them: 1. Prevent Crime 2. 3. Maintain Order 4. Provide many other services How can police prevent crime? How can police maintain order? And how would that differ from what they do to prevent crime? What other services do police provide? 1
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Difference between Police Officer and a Peace Officer : It varies by state on the distinction (and whether there is a distinction) In places with a distinction—all police officers are peace officers, but not all peace officers are police officers Examples of peace officers o college police who only have jurisdiction on campus o security guards o prison guards o and other officers with limited jurisdictions B. Myths about Policing The biggest myth about police is that they are crime fighters , and spend most of their time actively fighting crime The Crime Fighter Myth: Common belief that police spend most of their time fighting crime through the following activities: o Enforcing the law o Investigating crimes o Arresting criminals Additionally, when many people think of police work, they think of shootouts, CSI
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Lecture 1- The Police and Society Handout (FULL) - CRJU...

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