Lecture 3-Law Enforcement in the US Today

Lecture 3-Law Enforcement in the US Today - Lecture 3...

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Lecture 3: Overview of Law Enforcement in the US Today -There are 43 law enforcement agencies in England today -How many agencies are in the US today? -Over _____________—for instance there are 93 in Nebraska alone -So even a small, mostly rural state has over twice as many agencies as England -Why do we have so many agencies in the US? -The tradition of local control really dominated the development of law enforcement in the US and led to a very fragmented system -Of the approx. 18,000 agencies we have about: -12,656 local police agencies (city/county) -3,061 -49 state police agencies (Hawaii doesn’t have one) -1,376 special police agencies (college police, transportation police etc.) Types of law enforcement personnel: _____________ Officers- are the real police officers, who have full arrest power. Civilian Personnel- non-sworn employees who do a variety of tasks -Dispatchers -Data Analysts -Research and planning specialists -Computer Technicians -Secretaries and other support staff etc. -What percentage of police department employees are civilians? -_____________ in 2003 -Has it always been that high? -No, it was only 11.1% in 1960 and 18.4% in 1980
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-What are some reasons to have civilians working in police departments? 1. They free up sworn officers for doing actual police work -i.e. don’t have to use a sworn officer in dispatch etc. 2. Can hire people with expertise in things like…. . 3. They generally cost less—can pay a civilian less to work in dispatch than a sworn officer Police officers per population -On average, what is the ratio of officers per 1,000 citizens in the US? -About _______________ officers per 1,000 citizens -However it varies greatly by city, county etc. -1.6 in San Diego -4.4 in Detroit -6.3 in DC -3.5 in Atlanta Cost of Law Enforcement -How much does the US spend on policing in the US each year? -About __________________________
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Lecture 3-Law Enforcement in the US Today - Lecture 3...

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