Lecture 4- Police Organization

Lecture 4- Police Organization - Lecture 4 Police...

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Lecture 4- Police Organizations - Police Organizations can be characterized by two main features 1. Quasi-military style of organization and command structure 2. Police agencies are complex bureaucracies -in large departments in particular The Quasi-military nature of American Policing -American Police resemble the military in several ways. 1. Uniforms 2. 3. Hierarchical command structure 4. Authoritarian supervision with penalties for failing to obey orders 5. -But police also differ from the military in several ways. 1. Serve a citizen population rather than fight foreign enemies 2. Provide services designed to help people and these services are often requested by citizens 3. 4. Individual officers routinely exercise discretion, while military personnel are expected to operate as members of a military unit Criticisms of the Quasi-Military Organization 1. Can lead to an ________________________ attitude that can breed mistreatment of citizens 2. Promotes the _________________________ ideal which may not fit with serving a citizen population 3. The authoritarian style of command is contrary to democratic principles of participation
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4. The authoritarian style may lead to low morale and job satisfaction among officers -May resent the respect and status that detectives get vs. higher ranked officers -Or the better pay, shifts etc. that older officers get Are police organizations really like the military? -While police have power to use force, have a hierarchical organization with ranks etc., some say the police are very different from the military -Cowper (2000) wrote a paper on the issue, noting some similarities between police and military -But noted that there were more differences and that police have tried to distance themselves
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Lecture 4- Police Organization - Lecture 4 Police...

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