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Lecture 5- Police Officers 1 - Lecture 5: Police Officers...

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Lecture 5: Police Officers I: Entering Police Work A Career Perspective -Most people get into law enforcement as a career -You don’t become a cop as a summer job -It will be useful to think about law enforcement from a career perspective the next couple of classes -Thinking about why people choose law enforcement careers -And how police agencies can develop problems as a result of how they recruit, train and evaluate officers etc. The Personnel Process in Police Agencies -Police departments don’t have full freedom in setting their hiring policies ___________________________ —police control some hiring decisions, but others are set by city government, state standards for becoming a police officer etc. -In practice police have decision on who to hire among eligible applicants—but even that is limited -Affirmative Action -May have to hire people with highest scores in evaluation in certain categories etc. - -Do you think this civil service system is a good thing? What are some pros or cons to it? Recruitment —the first step of building a police force is to recruit potential officers This involves three key steps. 1. Setting Minimum Qualifications 2. The Specific Recruitment Effort 3. The Applicant’s Decision to Apply
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1. Setting Minimum Qualifications -The first major decision is deciding what the minimal qualifications for being eligible for a law enforcement job in the department are -Again, usually set outside the department by city and/or state government—but department has some input -And there’s a host of categories of qualifications to consider and legal issues that come into play - Height and Weight -some have standards based on height or weight, based on the idea that these indicate ability to handle the physical aspect of the job -Are these relevant? -They have been challenged; most police work doesn’t involve physicality -Height requirements have been struck down—not indicative of ability to do the job -But many departments have height to weight ratio requirements -or some other physical fitness standard Criminal Record - most departments won’t hire someone with an adult felony
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Lecture 5- Police Officers 1 - Lecture 5: Police Officers...

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