Lecture 9-The Police and Crime

Lecture 9-The Police and Crime - Lecture 9- The Police and...

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Lecture 9- The Police and Crime -What can the police do to prevent crime? -In general, there are three main categories/functions of the police role that relate to crime prevention 1. Preventing crime before it occurs 2. Responding to citizen reports of crime and investigating crimes -These three functions relate to two different approaches to crime prevention -____________________ Crime Control -activities taken to prevent crime before it occurs - ____________________ Crime Control- activities such as responding to calls for service and investigating crimes -deal with crimes after they are committed Police Crime Control Responsibilities -The role of police in society acknowledges that the various agencies of social control are interdependent -The police cannot control crime on their own; it takes a joint effort with all agencies of social control -families -neighborhoods and community groups -schools -churches -businesses -As well as factors like the economy/job market etc. that relate to criminal motivation etc. -Within that context, police have the following responsibilities when it comes to crime control 1. _______________________________________ -Patrol—have a visible presence to deter crime -Formal crime prevention efforts - ______________________________- focus on certain areas/problems to reduce crime -or even things like giving out steering wheel locks to fight auto theft 1
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-Take proactive steps to prevent crime -work with community groups, work with at risk kids in schools, etc. -Programs like DARE, GREAT, neighborhood watch etc. -Identify issues that are leading to repeat crime in certain areas and find solutions to them -These type of proactive efforts became more of a focus for police from the mid 90s on with COP, POP etc. which will talk about in future classes 2. _______________________________________ -Respond to calls for service
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Lecture 9-The Police and Crime - Lecture 9- The Police and...

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