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Maxim 2 - How Why Credible To join in on a conversation...

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Maxim’s Lecture by Erin McClellan Maxim#1 *Criticism requires understanding and pursing one’s own interest* Mechling and Mechling (voice) Understand, why am I interested in it Pursue, what will I actually talk about Two reasons for being useful Critic-engages in criticism Critic-judges already produced criticism Judgments and conclusions on my interest Civil Defense Campaign-building shelters (civic duty) Understand-will it be useful or not How do I choose text(s) How should you engage in criticism after choosing your text(s) What is the role of the critic What should I say about those text(s) How do I say it Many different ways you can go about it Larger discourse-multiple texts-see patterns Talk about specific things Role of critic-choosing a theory What does this mean for rhetorical criticism
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Unformatted text preview: How Why Credible To join in on a conversation Cultural criticism is reflexive Reflection-taking and giving feedback Have a stance Discovery of cultural contingency Intertextuality-different texts-how connected My experiences Chronologically In order of time; beginning, middle, and end Thematically Theme, patterns-being talked about conscientiously Four themes Rebuilding civilization Every-citizen-as-solider Knowledge is power Heroically cooperative community Rhetorical strategies Demystification of fallout Domesticate fallout Tension between individualism and community Rhetorical theories Already reproduced criticism on a topic that interests me Own interest/experience We have a stance/unique perspective Credible to say it...
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Maxim 2 - How Why Credible To join in on a conversation...

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