Maxim 5 - Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial-Carol...

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Maxim’s Lecture by Erin McClellan Maxim#4 *Criticism rarely travels a straight line to its destination* Engaging in criticism Connect maxim’s to what you are trying to say Justify why you are making that judgment Good, bad, fair Criticism Use all four maxims in good criticism Maxim1 Understanding and pursing your own interests Through experiences and your won stance What it means to you Maxim 2 Criticism written to and for an audience Why should it be important to them Who will read this Writing to an audience Writing for an audience Maxim 3 Confined an delimited by theory and method Particular set of ideas and you have to talk about them in a particular way Maxim 4 Criticism rarely travels a straight in to its destination So….
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Unformatted text preview: Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial-Carol Blair-multivocality-diversity of representation-different ways to think about it-different ways it can be meaningful-meanings are different based on experiences-theroy-architecture and post modernity-memorializing-public-new theory to explain this All maxims come together-work together Event-understanding so what question Text-understand world in a particular way Which maxim is guiding the piece #4=interests+audience+theory Is this: meaningful, important, interesting, unique ? (text) Language helps us make the choices in what and how we want to talk about something Through language theory helps us have a perspective Response-different, multiple voices-multivocality...
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Maxim 5 - Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial-Carol...

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