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Social Work Notes

Social Work Notes - International Social Welfare in a...

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Perla Mydory Aparicio 1/21/11 Social Work Chapter. 2 Class Notes Ethical Decision Making Ethical Dilemmas o Problematic Situations in which one must make a difficult choice among tow or more alternatives. A dilemma occurs when no one answer can conform to all the ethical principles involved Ethical Dilemmas concern the social worker directly Social Workers Ethical responsibilities to clients o Self Determination o Privacy and Confidentiality- allowed to ask others for help about client, do not reveal clients name Conflict of Interests and Dual Relationships o Cloud of judgment Sexual Relationships Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues Respect Referral for Services- everyone’s going to have different areas of strength Interdisciplinary Collaboration
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Unformatted text preview: International Social Welfare in a global Context • International Social Work is international professional action ad the capacity for international action by sw professionals • Some tend to think of this as far away, but if you are working with immigrants or your agency deals with immigrant legislations, that is international social work Global Human Rights Violation: Human Trafficking • Human Trafficking- transfer of people across international borders o enslave them in some way (forced labor or sexual exploitation, and can also include children for forced adoption, and harvesting of human organs) • United States and Italy are top two “customer” countries • Recently happened in San Antonio, nine months ago....
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Social Work Notes - International Social Welfare in a...

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