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Ch.1 Class Notes

Ch.1 Class Notes - Perla Mydory Aparicio Social Work...

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1/14/2011 Perla Mydory Aparicio Social Work Chapter 1 Class Notes: Social Work and Social Welfare h What is Social work? / Professional activity of helping people, communities to help raise living conditions, help people achieve goals / Professional application of social work values with psychology and sociology. (Helping profession i.e. policemen, military) / Importance of Social Work / Welfare is a stigmatized term- people think others want to be on welfare, perception is not actual reality / SW is a nations systems of programs, benefits, services that help people meet social, economic, educational, health, and safety needs o Public schools o Hospitals o Medicaid / Medicare o Food band o Military o Food Stamps / Critical Thinking / Carefully think of what is stated as true / Creative formulation of an opinion / Triple A method o Ask questions o Asses the established facts and issues involved o Assert a concluding opinion / Conservative- Liberal Continual / Political ideology system of idea, beliefs, traditions, principals, and myths
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about human institutional arrangements, social process that indicate how a government should be run / Ideology is a set of beliefs that justify a social arrangements (we are the way we are cause we are right and if not you change it) gay marriage, women rights, Japanese interment camps / Many the continuum focus more on values related to social responsibility for human welfare rather than the welfare itself / Continuum / Conservatism -philosophy that people are individually for responsible for
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Ch.1 Class Notes - Perla Mydory Aparicio Social Work...

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