Chapter 3-Memory - Chapter 3- Memory (8/30/10) Exam 1...

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Chapter 3- Memory (8/30/10) Exam 1 Review Session (9/7/10)(2-3pm)(JHB-Jessie Harris Building RM. 413) Memory An active mental system - Encode- change info into a usable form - Store- holding information into memory for later - Retrieve- recovering info from storage Must complete all three successfully to have a memory Sensory memory - First stage of memory - Holds exact copy of what you see or hear for a few seconds or less Short-Term memory (STM) - Second stage of memory - Holds small amounts of info for short time - Stored phonetically (by sound) - Dumped after use unless encoded - (Working Memory) - Mental math, puzzles, reading, mental “scratchpad” - Average capacity of STM is 7(+2 or -2) information bits - Once reach capacity, can’t hold new info - Chunking: recodes info into units already in long-term memory - Maintenance rehearsal- repeat or review - Elaborative rehearsal- link info with existing knowledge
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Long-Term memory (LTM) - Third stage of memory - Stores important information
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Chapter 3-Memory - Chapter 3- Memory (8/30/10) Exam 1...

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