Chapter 8 - o Body temperature drops o Hormone levels o...

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Consciousness Chapter 8 Consciousness o External : things around us o Internal : personal awareness Attention Processing of limited amount of info from all info available Selective Attention Tracking one stimulus, while ignoring another Cocktail party phenomenon Forms of Consciousness Controlling: planning based on the info received from monitoring Levels of Consciousness Conscious o Normal walking state Preconscious o Info not always available but easily becomes conscious o Tip-of-the-tongue Phenomenon Subconscious o Info not easily accessible; less awareness Why do we sleep? Restoration Circadian Rhythm 24 hour biological clock Pineal Gland- releases Melatonin
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Unformatted text preview: o Body temperature drops o Hormone levels o Slower thinking Sleep Deprivation 3-4 days without sleep, we can make it o Irritable o Visual illusions o Hallucinations o Paranoia o Affects thinking & behavior Sleep Disorders Insomnia o Difficulty falling asleep o Waking up during the night o Unable to get back to sleep o Waking up too early Narcolepsy o Uncontrollable urge to fall asleep o 10-15 minutes o Fall into REM sleep immediately Sleep Apnea o A breathing disorder o Sleeper repeatedly stops breathing o Deprives body of oxygen Sleepwalking o A person is able to see, walk & talk o Cannot remember o Stage 3 or 4 o Not dreaming Dreaming Why do we dream? o Freud- express hidden wishes o Problem-solving o Activation-synthesis hypothesis...
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Chapter 8 - o Body temperature drops o Hormone levels o...

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