Methods of Therapy - Group Therapy • Several clients...

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Methods of Therapy Behavior Therapy Decrease symptoms by changing behavior Uses principles of learning to promote change (classical conditioning, operant conditioning) Goals o Promote desired behaviors o Stop maladaptive behaviors Behavior Therapy Method Systematic Desensitization o Phobias o Relaxation techniques o Gradually move closer to fear Imagine it…look at picture…see it live…touch it o Becoming more comfortable no more fear o Flooding = instead of gradual experience, client is introduced to fearful stimulus/situation all at once o Operant Conditioning Token economy Positive reinforcement Social skills training Role- playing Cognitive Therapy
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Cognition = Thoughts Goals o Heighten insight into current thoughts o Challenge irrational thoughts Cognitive Therapy: Mary Beth
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Unformatted text preview: Group Therapy • Several clients together with similar problems • Advantages: o Economical o More life experiences to learn from o Group support o People have similar problems o Provide hope for others o Practice social skills Biological Therapy • Apply knowledge of biology to treat psychological issues • ECT= electroconvulsive therapy o Treats major depression o Last resort o Side effect: temporary memory loss • Drug Therapy o Anti-anxiety drugs Panic attacks o Antipsychotics Schizophrenia o Antidepressants Major depression For exam • Psychotherapy • Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic • Humanistic/client-centered • Behavioral • Systematic desensitization • Token economy • Aversive conditioning • Cognitive • Group therapy • Biological therapy...
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Methods of Therapy - Group Therapy • Several clients...

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