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The Brain - the primary motor cortex • Parietal Lobe...

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The Brain The human brain can be divided into 3 parts: 1) forebrain 2) midbrain 3) hindbrain Forebrain Two hemispheres (left and right) Outside covering- cerebral cortex --cerebral cortex is split into 4 lobes corpus callosum (connects left brain to right brain) Right hemisphere- takes care of everything on the left side of the body and vise versa. Left hemisphere LANGUAGE words, letters, language sounds, verbal memory, speech, grammar rules, reading, writing, arithmetic Right Geometric patterns, faces, emotional expression, non language sounds, music, nonverbal memory, emotional tone of speech, geometry, sense of direction, distance, mental rotation of shapes. 4 Lobes Frontal Lobe- planning movement, memory, emotion, language, *Contains
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Unformatted text preview: the primary motor cortex • Parietal Lobe- sensory info, location of body parts and objects in space, damage= can see objects but cant figure out where they are relative to body, *contains the somatosensory cortex • Parietal lobe- somatosensory cortex (neurons that are sensitive to touch) • Temporal Lobes (2)- processes hearing, complex aspects of vision, damage= disturbances in speech and language comprehension • (2)--Amygdala- emotionally arousing evebts and facial expressions; Hippocampus- learning and memory. • Occipital Lobe- specialized for vision, damage= cortical blindless- no vision (even in dreams)...
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