Lecture 16 - fewer resources-Input reduction by lowering...

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Lecture 16 Bubble pattern of Depletion - Figure 6.03 Societal Responses to resource depletion - Society can react to the decline of a resource in 2 ways o Intensify efforts to extract more of the resource (high throughput society) o Reduce the need for the resource (low throughput society) Diminishing Returns - The law of diminishing returns states that increasing efforts to extract a resource produce smaller & smaller amounts - Example of the decreasing quality of copper ore mined in the United Stats - Figure 6-4 - Figure 6.05 - Figure 6-10 - In a high throughput society, jobs actively promote nonrenewable resource depletion & pollution - A high throughput society is unsustainable Reducing the Needs for Resources - Instead of intensifying the resource use, we should try to accomplish more with
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Unformatted text preview: fewer resources-Input reduction by lowering resource use (Conservation)-Reducing the rate of resource produce-Figure 6-7-4 ways to promote conservation & reduce throughput o Recycling-resource is reused but not in the same form o Reuse- occurs when the same resource is used again in the same form o Efficiency improvements o Substitution-Figure 6-10-A low throughput society is sustainable-Designing more durable & repairable products is an important step towards reducing throughput & curbing out throwaway mentality-In many cases, sustainable activities can produce more jobs than unsustainable ones-Figure 6.11...
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Lecture 16 - fewer resources-Input reduction by lowering...

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