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Ankle Soap note

Ankle Soap note - Over the next 3 weeks Josiah will be...

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Ray Falade 25 April 2010 Extra Credit Soap Note Ankle Soap note Subjective: Josiah Andrews was contesting for a rebound. When he grabbed the ball he landed directly on someone’s foot and his ankle forced into an inversion resulting in an inverted ankle sprain on the left leg. As far as we know this is the first time that he has had an ankle injury on his left leg. However he did strain his calf on the same leg two seasons ago Objective: Upon looking at Andrews leg there were some obvious swelling, slight ecchymosis, and the athlete would not let us touch his leg all too much, indicating that he was in pain whenever we palpated his ankle. Upon performing the anterior drawer, we saw that the TFL (talo-fibular ligament) was indeed damaged. Patient NWB although there were times he did try to walk on his own, however it was a no go. Assessment: As stated earlier injury to patient was left ankle TFL sprain; possibly a 2 nd to 3 rd ankle sprain. Plan: The obvious immediate action taken was RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate).
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Unformatted text preview: Over the next 3 weeks, Josiah will be working on rehabbing his ankle in four different phases. Phase 1. The immediate action taken in RICE has already been initiated. We will also encourage patient to work on dorsi and plantar flexion as soon as possible. After four to five days, patient will be encouraged to stretch calves and perform toe curls. Phase 2. When patient has enough strength, he will be encouraged to do activities such as toe raises, ankle alphabet, theraband exercises and the stationary bike; will most likely be doing this for the next 6 days. Phase 3 By this time athletes ankle should be stronger and ready for light strenuous activity, will most likely be doing this for the next week. Exercises will include toe raises with weights, straight ahead jogging and balance exercise. Phase 4 Athlete should be able to perform more strenuous activities such as plyometrics, carioca, slideboard, side-to-side running, and running backwards....
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