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history 11-19 - P olks(young hickory objectives Tariff...

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Polks (“young hickory”) objectives Tariff reduction Reestablishment of Van Buren’s independent treasure Mr. polks war mexican american war James slidell sent to mexico with an offer/demand to purchase new mexico and california o Mexicans outrages/returns empty handed o Presidencey changed hands four time in 1846 Texas offered the option of coming into the union as one state or diving into five o Border at the rio grande o Mexico immediately breaks diplomatic relations Preparing for war Naval assets to the CA coast o “if” revolt should break out amongst the californias Pres. Polk orders forces along the texas mexican border Opposition of war Whigs opposed to the war o Potential new slave territory Abe lanicoln’s “spot resolutions” GA whig roger toomb Henry david thoreau refuses to pay taxes to support the war o Wrties “civil disobedience” Thorton affair-1846 2000 mean army under mexian gen. encamped near brownsville TX
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Apr 25 capt. Thorton w/ 70 US dragoons on local advice,checks out the
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